(MEL-vin "KAY-os" Kar-Ver)

Race: Wood Elf (he thinks)
Age: 19
Home: Versailles (New Velucian suburb)

    Melvin changed his name to Chaos after his "Arcane Baptism" to show that he is a true studier of the dark arts. He has struggled for many years to surface this new talent, and longs to take the Wizarding Trials to obtain the truly powerful spells. His sickly white skin and hair, red eyes, and overly pointed teeth make him stand out in the crowd, especially since his parents are very dark skinned wood elves. Working so hard his entire life, combined with his appearance and complete lack of physical strength, has branded him an outcast.
    Chaos has recently unsurfaced amongst the volumes of arcane text the tale of a great demon lord, Graz'zt. He feels that the time of Graz'zt's rebirth is at hand, and it's better to be on his side and all powerful than to fight against him and be eaten by the coming horde. According to his friend Lok'Tar, "If we had that kind of power, I'm sure we'd impress girls!"