Cidikin (SID-ic-KIN)

Race: Human
Age: Uncalculatable
Home: Unknown

    Blessed and cursed by the Rune of True Immortality, Cidikin is a troubled soul. The longevity of his life is held back by his chronic amnesia. Every twenty years, he goes through a complete memory relapse, forgetting everything about the previous twenty years. All he knows is that he is a wizard with great power. Because of his forgetfulness, he's gotten into the habit of leaving himself notes to lead him on the right path.
    His personality goes through drastic changes during this process. Sometimes he becomes a trickster, driven by cheap laughs (usually gotten through the odd magical devices he places in hopes of its "rescue" by adventurous lots). At other times, he's the most benevolent man alive, using his knowledge to promote research and wizardry training. Rarely, his darkened soul emerges. During those times, it's said that even the great Wyrms hide.
    Cidikin seems to be involved in an ages old struggle against his archrival, whom he calls "Bill", for doing something unforgivable eons ago.