(E-lim Lite-KACH-er)

Race: Human
Age: 18
Home: New Velusia

    Abandoned as a child at the Velusian Sanctuary (the largest temple devoted to Bahamut on the continent), Elim has had a rough past. His prophetic dreams of fire and destruction marked him as "possessed by demons". The clerics of the temple put him through indescribable torture in order to drive the demons out. To this day, those events have scarred Elim with a constant stutter when he speaks. He refuses to mention anything of his exorcism. Regardless, Elim has become beloved in the temple, and although he is not yet a fully-fledged cleric, his divine channeling abilities have impressed even the Bishop.
    Though he will never admit it, Elim has an obsessive crush on Valeriala, whom he is sworn to defend. She alone can bring out his brave side, even though her reckless nature has had him call upon his healing powers numerous times. He firmly believes that if he can save her life enough times, she's bound to notice him...someday.