(Wong Sue Chung)

Race: Human
Age: 62 (deceased at 32)
Home: Pseudia

    The legendary general of the great Rune War, Hwang Tsu Chung has become the people's favorite folk hero. The tales say he was tall as a giant, mean as a dragon, and could split mountains in two with but one punch of his powerful fists. Not to mention, no matter how much he drank, he could never get drunk.
    The pseudian monk was the bearer of the Sun Rune, an artifact that had the ability to cancel any and all magical power. The way he obtained it was unclear; however, he stated that he won it in an arm wrestling match with a god.
    His friendship with the newlyweds Martagan and Lisse grew to the extent that he made the ultimate sacrifice for them. When the Emperor Blight of Sorinden captured Martagan's soul, Hwang focused the entirety of his life energy into the Sun Rune - freeing his friend and causing a large explosion in the process. His noble sacrifice turned the tide of the battle, and ever since he has become a hero of legend amongst the Velusian people.