(Lis-SAY AY-tha-lon)

Race: Half-elf
Age: 54 (equivalent to 36 human years)
Home: The Elven Lands

    The new leader of the Sylvan Order, Lisse is a druid of remarkable power. The fact that she's married to the High Councilor doesn't hurt, either. After decades of adventure and wars with her husband, Martagan, Lisse just wanted to settle down and raise a family. Unfortunately for her, childrearing seems to be much harder than adventuring. Her daughter, Valeriala, has become the town annoyance, garnering near nightly complaints. After a fight with his father, her eldest son Aramir, had fled far away from the family. Unseen forces plot her demise in the Order. The great Water Rune she was entrusted with has gone missing. Worst of all, there are rumors of the return of the great evil she once helped to defeat, which causes many sleepless nights.
    And it's just begun.