(Lu-she-ä of Ma-TIL-da)

Race: Half-elf
Age: 30 (equivalent to 22 human years)
Home: Matilda

    An orphan of the Rune War, the half-elf Lucia was left in the care of the sacred Paladins of Matilda. Many Paladins have a strict moral code, but they pale in comparison to that which Lucia follows. In her thirty years, she had never known the touch of another, nor even glanced at a mirror for fear of vanity. She does not question her superiors, and would fight to the death for the God-King, Bahamut.
    Her slight Psuedian looks and eyes that betray a magical past show many that she comes from a strong family line. Until recently, she hasn't given it a thought. But when order falls to chaos, strange new urges overwhelm her, and the race to discover who she really is begins.