(Mar-TA-gan AY-tha-lon)

Race: Half-elf
Age: 58 (equivalent to 37 human years)
Home: Sorinden

    Since the day he ran away from home at fourteen, Martagan has lived a full life of heroics. His swordsmanship is unrivaled amongst all races throughout the continent. Countless tales can be told of his deeds, but none greater than that on his victory in the Rune Way, when he lead an initial army of six against the might of the Sorinden Empire.
    His victory gained him the popularity to become unanimously elected as the High Councilor of New Velusia, a title he never wanted. Fearing a civil war over the power struggle, he reluctantly accepted. While he gained much in the war, the sacrifice of his best friend, Hwang, left him broken. The tedium of leading a new country in times of peace, bombarded by paperwork, had made this morose swordsman bitter and distant. He lives for tales of adventure, and more often than not can be found at Hwang's Bar, recounting stories to anyone who will lend an ear.