(Sur Rook Sen-A-tos)

Race: Human
Age: 29
Home: Old Velusia

    When Rook was five years old, his parents died in the aftermath of the Rune War. When the throne was given away to Martagen, the nobles were tossed into an uproar, and the peasants overthrew their former masters. Being the eldest son of the most prominent lord of Old Velusia was not a safe heritage to have during the upheaval, so Rook disguised his identity and lived as a servant to his cousin.
    Rook was never a very holy man, and so it surprised him greatly when he received his calling from the God-King Bahamut to become a Paladin. Soon after it was discovered that Rook had an uncanny ability for deathdealing, and he was given the duty of silencing unnatural threats to the Church.
    He received a promotion to Holy Knight just before Bahamut gave him the mission to help two others discover the roots of the prophesied coming invasion.