(Val-air-E-ala AY-tha-lon)

Race: Half-elf
Age: 21 (equivalent to 16 human years)
Home: New Velusia

    Daughter of the great Martagan and Lisse Aethalon, Val feels she has a lot to live up to. Stubborn, impulsive, and owning an insatiable appetite for adventure, she's already off to a great start. After years of annoying the capitol city New Velusia, her parents decide it's time she set off of her own. Now on a quest to discover her lost brother's whereabouts, she sees this as a perfect opportunity to hone her skills with the sword.
    She sees herself as a natural leader, and would much prefer to give orders than take them, which created many conflicts with this glory-driven half-elf and her comrades.
    Though she is beginning the prime of her womanhood, her "swords are better than boys" attitude disappoints many suitors. Her peculiar (but natural) hair distinctly marks her as the daughter of Lisse - whose own mother's magical tampering with charm spells cursed every female in her line to unusual looks.