(Wik BOB-jim)

Race: Gnome
Age: 23
Home: City-Under-The-Mountain-Where-We-Work-And-Live (translated from Gnomish)

    Wick is a bit of an enigma. She is the only gnome druid (a band of nature-loving spell weavers that protect the forests of New Velusia) in existence. Her gnomish nature puts her in a predicament in the Order and elsewhere.
    Not many people like gnomes-for good reason, as many gnomes are kleptomaniacs with a penchant for blowing up the things they take in the process of figuring out how they work. Gnomes also never stop moving, never stop talking, and are rather loud. A common strategy against gnomes is "Ignore them and they will go away".
    Wick, however, doesn't share much in common with her race, preferring the quiet stillness of nature instead of the loud, cranking laboratories of her ancestors. After shaming her family, she was cast out into the world, where she met up with Lisse, who taught her the ancient druidic ways.
    Wick hates "racial stereotypers" and is always looking for ways to prove her worth.