ooThirty Years Later is a fantasy comic hand-drawn and then rendered in Adobe Illustrator. The process takes me around 6 hours to do, or I would update more often :)

ooIt updates on Sundays and Thursdays currently. The days might change due to school schedules, but it will update at least twice a week. While most everything is done by it’s author Zachary Staton, his editor, coder, and true inspiration comes from his fiance Meredith Feigley. We’re both enrolled, and soon to be graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, majoring in graphic design. Wedding in October! I'm excited.

ooI am available for commissions, guest comics, and am usually up for link-swapping. I’m willing to attend cons, especially around the Pittsburgh area, so long as it doesn't cost me too much :). I would love fan art and guest comics, or just an E-mail to tell me how I’m doing. Everything you need to know should be on my contact page. For more of my art and random rants and things, you can visit my deviantart page, and my Livejournal gets updated everytime there is a change or update to the site.



About the Story

ooThirty Years after the Rune Wars, the world is in a state of peaceful rebuilding. The great Runes - horrible artifacts of magic power from a lost age - now lay dormant, their powers gone. The old heroes mourn their losses, and prepare for retirement in a civilization that no longer has much use for them. The war orphans are all grown now, and many are seeking their lost heritage.

ooAmoung the next generation of heroes are three swordbearers whose very actions could alter the past, present and future forever. At least, according to the Prophet, whose cultlike beliefs have enveloped many of the world's most gifted mages, scholars, and military leaders.

ooFor he believes that the End of Time is dawning, and three demons of immense power will rise and make hell on the realm of mortals.

ooNot many heed the warnings of the Prophet, that is, until the first demon rears his head.

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