Want to send me art? It would make me happy! Just email askzeek@hotmail.com and title it "Fanart"

My first fanart, made by Mindy.
A lovely vector drawing of Val by Leafy-Chan
Great vision of Blight made by my own fiance.
Nifty portrait of Lucia by Indigo
adorable picture of chaos.. sleeping by Meredith
Cute valentines day art made by Meredith, the original art
Chaos Hellsing style from Ketu in de forums!
Lucia and an albino demon by Ketu in de forums!
Chaos by Zeek
Val by Pawnshop Chaos Sketches (Art Contest Winner!) by TJ of Samurai Usher Fanart of the first contest winner, by pawnshop
Another Rendering of Chaos by his "biggest fan."
Kermit drawn by garciagirl
Rook staring down a very large orc drawn by TJ
Photomanipulation of Val as a night elf from Mindy
Surreal ink Chaos pulling the strings from garciagirl.
What would happen if they mated? By garciagirl.
Funny Lucia and Chaos pic, ride em' pally! Made by TJ
Cute picture of romance possibilities by Bear_Goggles
Great rendering of Chaos and Kermit together by The Patches

Art done by me

A guestcomic I did for Samurai Usher's birthday.

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